Semi Permanent Makeup

Meet the professional

Here at Celfie Gemma is your semi permanent makeup artist where she specialises in Brows and Lip blush. 

Gemma has been trained closely by the remarkable Luisa Krayem based in Gloucestershire who has been in the industry for over 10 years. 

Gemma’s passion came from being in the makeup industry for 7 plus years and seeing the confidence makeup can give back to someone. Eyebrows are a huge part to our facial feature, it’s amazing how much confidence a good brow can give someone.


Semi permanent makeup can be totally bespoke to each individual. 

Wether than be a makeup looking powder brow or creating a very subtle natural brow look. 

A consultation is required before your treatment, where we can first meet each other discuss in detail the results you would like to achieve. Colour pigment is chosen together and is always a good idea to bring your brow pencil with you so we can also have a look at the shade you’re used to see your brows. 

On your first appointment your brows will be predrawn and mapped out. The predraw will be altered until we both agree on your perfect design. I will complete your procedure and show you the beautiful transformation. We will then talk over aftercare, and aftercare pack will be provided and important the advice is followed carefully to get the best results from your new brows. 

4-6 week later a topup appointment will be required. In this appointment we will talk in detail your brow results. We will reassess shape and colour and add any finishing touches. 

After your second appointment you will find an annual colour boost will be required. This is from 12-18 months. 


Lip blush is the perfect treatment for a client wanting to create a Lipstick look, add more colour to their lips (creating a natural look), defining the outline of their lips which can also make the lips appear plumper. 

Lip blush is created in three appointments. 

A consultation is required before your treatment where we will discuss in detail what you would like to achieve from your LIPBLUSH, access shape and discuss your desired lip pigment. 

On your first appointment we will pre draw your lip line and perfect until we are both happy with your shape. 

Your lip blush treatment will be performed and we will then discuss your aftercare. 

An aftercare lip oil will be provided alongside an aftercare pack. It is important this is followed to get the best results from your lip blush. 

A soft lip blush is completed in one session. If you choose to have a full lip colour a second treatment 4-6 week later will be required. Where we can add more colour pigments and define your shape. 

Who is suitable for semi permanent makeup? 

What is semi permanent makeup? 

SPMU  is an advanced form of tattooing, however the pigment is not infused as deeply into the skin. Meaning the results do you not have the permanency of a tattoo. 

Is permanent makeup right for me? 

If you’re over 18 and use cosmetics it’s likely you’ll benefit from semi permnant makeup. 

SPMU is perfect for spending little time enhancing your features. 

Semi permanent makeup can look very subtle and a soft natural look replacing makeup. 

It’s a perfect alternative if you’re allergic to products, into sports or want a makeup look without worrying about makeup wearing off. 

SPMU is perfect for clients who have little brow hair and want to enhance their brow shape but still look subtle and natural. 

Does semi permanent makeup hurt? 

This is hard to answer as everyone has different pain thresholds. 

However most of my clients find the treatment pain free and are very comfortable throughout their procedure. 

How long does semi permanent makeup last? 

SPMU lasts about 3-4 years without additional top ups. 

However please note everyone’s skin is very different and can depend on factors like sun exposure and product use. 

We do recommend a yearly colour boost to keep your SPM looking fresh. 


SPMU is not for everyone if any of the below apply to you you are not a suitable candidate. 

  • You have an auto immune disease. 
  • You have thyroid/Graves’ disease. 
  • You have anaemia. 
  • You have a history of keloid scaring. 
  • You are currently undergoing chemotherapy. 
  • You are pregnant or nursing. 
  • If you’re under investigation with a doctor.

How long does the treatment take? 

Between 2-3.5 hours. 

It is important we take our time during the predraw to achieve the best results of your final result. 

What should I expect after my treatment? 

Expect a little swelling, redness and possibly bruising over the next few days. 

Your pigment will also appear much darker. This will fade up to 50% over the next few weeks during your healing stage. 

LIPBLUSH heals within 4 weeks. 

Brows will heal within 6-8 weeks. 

Please do not pick at your treatment area and follow your aftercare advice carefully. 

The colour will be uneven during your healing process please wait until fully healed to see your final results. 

Permanent Makeup

NEW set of brows £290
Booking fee £50
First appointment £150
6-8 week touch up £90

Lip blush £275
Booking fee £50
First appointment £150
4-6 touch up £75

Lip blush 12-18m Colour boost £150
Brow 12-18m Colour boost £120

How do I book? 

Please contact Gemma via WhatsApp to book in your for free of charge consultation. 


If you’re unsure or would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am here to help. 

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